Port Expansion Project EIS

The objectives of the EIS are to provide:

  • an understanding of the Project and existing environmental, social and economic values and potential impacts that may occur and measures to be adopted to mitigate potential adverse impacts
  • a framework for assessing impacts of the Project in view of legislative and policy provisions
  • a mechanism for sustainable environmental outcomes, including control measures and strategies to be implemented during the construction and operational phases through environmental management plans (EMPS).
The EIS consists of four parts that provide the following information:

Part A: Background information about the Project and the proponent to assist in setting spatial, environmental, economic, social and legislative contexts for the PEP.

Part B: Impact assessments on a range of potential environmental, economic and social effects including residual and cumulative effects, as well as recommended measures for mitigating potential impacts.

Part C: Descriptions and specification of recommended environmental management requirements through specific management plans to be implemented at different stages using prescribed standards or recommended practices.

Part D: Appendices that present more detailed technical investigations (studies, analyses and assessments) that support the statements made in preceding EIS parts.

Last updated: 19th April 2016

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