2016 Australian port or terminal of the year


Financial Performance

Port of Townsville Limited (POTL) delivered a strong net profit of $17.72 million during 2015/2016. 

9.79 million tonnes of goods passed through POTL's two ports during the period, with record trade numbers achieved for zinc ferrite, fertilizer and refined copper exports as well as zinc concentrate imports.  POTL also retained its mantle as the number one sugar exporter in Australia.

During 2015/2016, the Townsville Port continued to modernise its infrastructure by completing $26 million of infrastructure projects including the demolition of the century-old Berth 6/7, upgrades of pylons at Berth 8/9, upgrading of road networks for multi-combination vehicles and harbour entrance works to improve navigational safety.

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Business profile
The Port of Townsville Limited delivers excpetional seaport services at the trading ports of Townsville and Lucinda and is Queensland’s leading exporter of metals, sugar, fertiliser, and molasses.

Trade statistics
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