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Community Fund Application

Page last updated on 05-02-2024.

Community Fund Application

Applications for the 2024 Community Fund are open from 5 February to 4 March 2024.

Please prepare your submission before you begin filling out the form below. You will not have the option to save as you go.

Online Community Fund Application

Please provide brief description of your project. If you are seeking funding for a small part of a larger project, please make this clear in this section.
Please provide more detail about your project here including the timing, location, activities, key dates/milestones and any other important planning information.
How many people will be directly involved in your project? How many people will benefit from your project? Please provide an overview of the types of people who will be involved (ie. Are they young people, elderly, culturally diverse, rural or regional, etc).

If yes, please provide evidence (i.e. certificate): * Upload File

with evidence - i.e. quotes, previous invoices etc * Upload File

Any evidence to support your application? * Upload File

Initiative must align with one or more themes / values
Refer to the Community Fund document.
Refer to the Community Fund document
Refer to the Community Fund document

Please attach any further supporting documents (max 5 pages) or a short 3 minutes video to support your submission: * Upload File