Weather and Tide Data

The Port of Townsville operates a number of meteorological stations in and around port land. These stations provide data that is used across a broad range of our monitoring programs, and operations (particularly by our pilots during vessel movements), as well as by our port users and the local community.

At the Coastguard site located on the west side of Ross Creek we monitor, wind speed and direction as well as rainfall in conjunction with ambient air quality monitoring (see Figure 1).  At a location referred to as pylon (P14) located within the navigational channel in Cleveland Bay, we monitor wind speed and direction to assist with pilotage of vessels to port (shown in Figure 2). A tide gauge is also located at Berth 1 which is owned by Maritime Safety Queensland, the Department of Science, Information Technology and the Arts (DSITIA) and the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).

Please refer to the location map in Figure 3 below for monitoring location details.


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