Report an Environmental Incident/Observation

If you find yourself in an emergency which is either life threatening or may require emergency services, please immediately ring 000. If  it is then safe to do so, please inform POTL's Duty Officer on 4781 1684. 

An environmental incident is an event, act or omission,which may cause environmental harm. In accordance with the Port Notices, POTL is to be notified of any environmental incidents  within the ports of Townsville and Lucinda. Examples of the types of environmental incidents which should be reported include:

  • Product or hydrocarbon spills 

  • Injured or dead fauna 

  • Nusiance noise, dust, odour

  • Suspected dumping 

  • Suspected pests (e.g. ants, bees, marine pests)

Report an incident

You can help protect the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and Cleveland Bay by reporting incidents and suspected offences you have witnessed.

The online Incident Report forms help you to report suspected breaches of the law in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.You are encouraged to attach further documents or files if required.

If you witness a suspected breach of the law you are advised NOT to approach any suspected persons or request information from them.

Urgent issues

To report an incident requiring an urgent response, please phone details as soon as possible via the following method:

Via email to: 

Via phone to:      Corporate Affairs  4781 1500

Via mail:              PO Box 1031 Townsville QLD 4810 

Outside of Normal Business Hours

Complaints regarding pollution (noise, dust, odour) can be lodged via Port Control (4781 1683) between the hours of 5pm and 8.30am. It is intended that a Port Security Officer will investigate the complaint for identification of the pollution source and, in some instances, immediate rectification.





Contact Phone No.:


Incident Location Details

How was the incident identified?
Port User
POTL Employee/Observation
POTL Contractor

If 'other selected' please provide details

Incident Summary Please provide an overview of the incident

What was the activity being undertaken when incident occurred? e.g. ship loading / unloading, transportation / cargo transfer, general operations, fueling etc.

Responsible party (if known)? If known please provide details

Was any contaminant involved? If known, please provide details of any contaminants involved

Estimated quantity of contaminant involved?

Describe the area impacted by the incident?

What immediate controls/response occurred (if any)?


e.g. additional personnel present

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