Berth 10 Secondary Wharf

The L-shaped Berth 10 is the priority wharf for car carriers and Roll-on Roll-off (RORO) vessels. The secondary wharf leg is 55 meters long and accommodates the stern ramps of car carrier vessels.

The trend for new build Pure Car Carrier (PCC) vessels is to grow larger. The secondary wharf is too short to cater for those large Pure Car Carrier (PCC) with angled ramps from 38 meter beam vessels, as it is demonstrated with the below figure. To be able to also accommodate these larger car carrier vessels, the Port is extending the Berth 10 Secondary Wharf area.

The project includes:

  • Installation of eight steel piles;
  • Construction of a concrete wharf deck in extension of the existing deck;
  • Cathodic Protection for corrosion protection of the steel piles;
  • Reinstatement of armor rock.

The benefits of the project are:

  • Accommodation of large Pure Car Carrier (PCC) with angled ramps at Berth 10;
  • Increased storage area for equipment storage or defense utilisation;
  • Preservation of Berth 10 status as priority berth for car carrier ships.


Design of the works is completed, and tenders have been called. Construction is scheduled to start early 2020.

Cruise Schedule

A Federal Government restriction is current for all international cruise ships entering into Australian waters until 17 December 2020.