Berth 10 Secondary Wharf


The Port of Townsville is positioning itself as an attractive option for car carriers servicing northern Australia with a $2.5 million extension of its Roll-on Roll-off (RORO) wharf on Berth 10.

Previously, the 55 metre wharf was too short to accommodate vessels wider than 38 metres, limiting access to a growing number of car carrier vessels as ships of this size become the global norm. To accommodate these larger car carrier vessels, the Port of Townsville has recently doubled the length of the Berth 10 secondary wharf area to 110 metres.

Approximately 15,000 cars are currently imported through the Port of Townsville each year, with larger carriers forced to by-pass Townsville in favour of southern ports able to accommodate them. The wharf expansion represents an opportunity to welcome larger vessels, increase car import numbers and pass on major supply chain savings to the people of Northern Australia.

The Berth 10 wharf expansion was officially completed in October 2020.

The project included:

  • Installation of eight steel piles
  • Construction of a concrete wharf deck in extension of the existing deck
  • Cathodic Protection for corrosion protection of the steel piles
  • Reinstatement of armour rock.