Berth 4 Wharf Upgrade


In 2018, the Port of Townsville doubled the handling capacity of Berth 4 with a $40.7 million wharf upgrade.

The Port of Townsville is already the largest container and automotive port in northern Australia and, with the Port predicting containerised cargo will be one of the greatest contributors to its growth in coming decades, the Berth upgrade and new Crane and Cargo terminal support its focus on end-to-end logistics solutions for customers and the community.

The Berth 4 upgrade has enabled the Port to move an additional 2 million tonnes of product per year and increased total port tonnage throughout capacity by 20 per cent. Additionally, the upgrade enabled Berth 4 to increase container ship sizes from 2,500 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) to up to 8,500 TEUs.