Contracts and Tenders

The promise of local employment is central to the Channel Upgrade project.

For the Port of Townsville, employing local people drives cost efficiencies and helps in the ongoing process of gaining and maintaining our social licence to operate. Recognising these opportunities for social and economic development, the port uses a wide range of policies and strategies to promote direct local employment. 

Port of Townsville Limited utilises the Queensland Government’s QTenders website for public tendering of works.  Tender documentation is notified and accessed at

If you wish to be notified of upcoming tenders for the Port of Townsville, please ensure that you are registered with QTenders and turn on notifications in your profile settings. You will be notified through QTenders by email when a new tender has been released that matches your selected categories of interest.

Tenders Awarded

  • Supply of site offices
  • Landside earthworks
  • Marine Water Quality Monitoring Program
  • Inshore Dolphins Monitoring Program
  • Seagrass Monitoring Program
  • Coral Monitoring Program

Current Tenders being Assessed

  • Marine Megafauna Monitoring Program
  • Rock Supply

Future Tenders

  • Dredge Operations

For Further Information about Channel Upgrade Project

call Toll Free 1800 531 561

For general enquiries about the Port of Townsville

call (07) 4781 1500

Cruise Schedule

A Federal Government restriction is current for all international cruise ships entering into Australian waters until 17 December 2020.