Truck Staging Area

The Port is working on the design of a combined truck-trailer lay-up and staging area. The truck staging area will be located on Benwell Road outside the Port's main entrance and will cater for up to 25 triple road trains. This facility will allow trucks to safely queue in the designated area just outside the entrance to the Port. It will also cater for the break down and re-assembling of Road Trains as required.

The project includes:

  • New paved and asphalted area for heavy trucks;
  • Shower and toilet facilities;
  • Mobile guard hut;
  • Lighting and security cameras;
  • New security perimeter fence;

The benefits of the project are:

  • Reduced truck queuing on port roads and associated traffic congestion;
  • Improved safety around the Port;
  • Freight efficiencies.



Design of the works is expected to be completed in 2019 with construction scheduled to start early 2020.


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