Access Cards

Our priority at the Port of Townsville is to protect our people, customers and community so we can continue to serve our customers and communities both during, and after, the current Coronavirus pandemic.

In order to reduce physical contact, please be advised that effective from Tuesday 14 April 2020 the Port of Townsville will cease issuing Port Access Cards from our offices until further notice. Applications for Port Access Cards are to be made online.

What is an Access Card?

An access card is a swipe card that provides gate entry into the Port of Townsville.  Access cards are designed for use by Port Users who require regular access to the Port area for work purposes on an on-going basis.

Prior to applying for an access card, it is a requirement for entry to the Port of Townsville that all visitors are to have completed a Port of Townsville Safety Induction.  Complete the online safety induction here

How do I apply?

You must have approval from an Authorised Company Representative located within the Port area to apply. The cost for an Access Card is $29.25. Payment options include payment over the phone, direct debit or invoicing for company accounts.


Where do I collect my Access Card?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Access Cards will not be available for collection from the Port’s Administration Building.  The Access Card will be mailed to your preferred postal address listed on your application form. Once you have received your access card you must contact the Port for your card to be activated. Payment is required before your card can be activated.

We appreciate your understanding during this period. If you have any inquiries regarding the revised arrangements for Port Access Card applications, please do not hesitate to contact the Port at or on 47811500.

Cruise Schedule

A Federal Government restriction is current for all international cruise ships entering into Australian waters until 17 September 2020.