Industry Stakeholder Working Groups

The Port of Townsville has an established Port Advisory Body (PAB) working group, and two sub-committees which includes the Cargo Facilitation Working Group (CFWG) and the Planning and Environment Working Group (PEWG). These committees are comprised of Port Users, port-related Government agencies and Port of Townsville representatives, and aim to increase engagement, collaboration and communication.

Port Advisory Body

The Port Advisory Body meets every second month and is a platform for stakeholders to receive general updates from the Port and port users. It is a valuable opportunity to keep up to date with port operations and performance, projects, development plans and future strategies. Stakeholders are able to provide the Port of Townsville with direct input and advice on key items. PAB members are invited to contribute to the agenda and share topical updates and information with the group.

Cargo Facilitation Working Group

The Cargo Facilitation Working Group (CFWG) is a sub-committee of the PAB, and meets bi-monthly in the month alternate to PAB meetings.

CFWG Scope:

  • Port Safety
  • Cargo Handling Practices
  • Ship/Shore Transfers
  • Road/Rail Interfaces
  • Supply Chain Efficiency/Capacity/Performance
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Shipping Policies/Practices
  • Security, Customs, Quarantine
  • Dredging/Navigation
  • Regulations, Policies, Permitting Frameworks

Planning and Environment Working Group

The Planning and Environment Working Group (PEWG) is a sub-committee of the PAB, and meets every third month of the year.

PEWG Scope:

  • Operation and Development (including Port Master Planning)
  • Port City Interface Planning
  • Integrated Environmental Monitoring Network (air, water, sediment etc)
  • Compliance and Continuous Improvement
  • Consideration of Emerging Issues
  • Community Engagement
  • Regulations, Policies, Permitting Frameworks
  • Sustainable Port Operations

If you are interested in being involved in any of these working groups, please contact the Trade team ( Representatives can be involved in more than one of these groups.


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