2016 Australian port or terminal of the year


Waterfront PDA

The Townsville City Waterfront PDA is a place where the city and nature intersect as a world class, active and vibrant destination in Townsville's CBD.

The Townsville City Waterfront PDA will achieve this vision through the following outcomes:

  • be a vibrant mixed use place where people live, work and play in a high density environment which is active both during the day and night-time;
  • support the wider CBD functions, which is the highest order centre in Townsville which services a regional catchment;
  • create an identifiably Townsville mixed use destination which embeds diverse maritime, tourism, recreation, open space, natural, culture, community, education, entertainment, residential, commercial and business uses and events;
  • provide an active public realm and open space network which connects public access along and across the Ross Creek waterfront with the CBD;
  • be an internationally renowned cultural destination encompassing iconic sporting and cultural facilities set amongst supporting recreation, fitness, tourism, and food and beverage venues;
  • include a multi-purpose maritime gateway which provides ferry services and facilities to Magnetic and Palm Islands, and recreational boating facilities and marine services; and
  • support ongoing operational requirements of essential maritime infrastructure and the Port of Townsville.

Watch the Waterfront PDA Video

Planning for the PDA

The Economic Development Act 2012 provides for a streamlined planning and development assessment framework for PDAs to facilitate economic development, and development for community purposes.

Once a site is declared under the Economic Development Act 2012, a development scheme for the PDA must be prepared.

A development scheme for the Townsville City Waterfront PDA has been prepared by the MEDQ in partnership with Townsville City Council and Port of Townsville Limited.

Download the development scheme