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Community Liaison Group

Page last updated on 29-08-2023.

Community Liaison Group

The Port of Townsville takes a collaborative and transparent approach to business.

In addition to the stakeholder committees we hold with industry representatives, we regularly meet with interested community representatives through our Community Liaison Group (CLG).

Our CLG members include port customers, community groups and individuals who have a strong interest in the operations of the port, port sustainability and future port development plans.

In exchange for regular updates on port activities, CLG members provide valuable feedback, opinions and input into our operations, stakeholder engagement and future plans.

Members are encouraged to contribute to the bi-monthly agenda which includes trade performance and potential new cargo, environmental monitoring results, major project information, cruise and defence ship attraction progress, and community engagement initiatives.

The CLG meets four times per year and memberships are reviewed every 12 months.

The CLG evolved from the former Port Stakeholder Working Group (PSWG), which was formed in 2015 to provide a forum for discussion about air quality between the Port of Townsville, port operators and key stakeholders including community representatives, North Queensland Conservation Council, relevant Government agencies and Townsville City Council.

Current Members

-  Dr Adam Smith -  Brenton Creed -  Sharon Marks -  Craig Knight -  Emily Blumson
-  Keith Noble -  Leon Kippin -  Norman Rains -  Rick Vernon -  Aniko Papp

If you are interested in joining the Community Liaison Group, please complete the form below:

CLG Application Form

CLG Minutes