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Incident Reporting

Page last updated on 04-08-2021.

Incident Reporting


If you find yourself in an emergency which is either life threatening or may require emergency services, please immediately ring 000.  If it is then safe to do so, please inform Port’s Duty Officer on 4781 1684.


Report a Marine Oil spill

To report a marine oil spill please phone the local Maritime Safety Queensland office on 07 4421 8100 during business hours, or 1300 721 263 after hours.  Please also notify the Port of Townsville on 07 47811 684.

Report an Environmental Incident

An environmental incident is an event, act or omission, which may cause environmental harm. In accordance with Port Notices, the Port is to be notified of any environmental incidents within the Ports of Townsville and Lucinda.  Examples of the types of environmental incidents which should be reported include:

  • Product or hydrocarbon spills.
  • Nuisance noise, dust, odour etc.
  • Injured or dead fauna.
  • Suspected pests (e.g. ants, bees, marine pests).

To report an incident at either the Port of Townsville or the Port of Lucinda, please complete the form below: