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Access Cards

Page last updated on 13-02-2024.

Access Cards


PLEASE BE ADVISED: Port of Townsville now only accepts electronic applications for Port Access Cards. To complete an application, please follow the instructions below.  

Applications for Port Access Cards are to be made online as per the instructions below.

What is an Access Card?

An access card is a swipe card that provides gate entry into the Port. Access cards are designed for use by Port Users who require daily access to the Port area for work purposes.

Prior to applying for an access card, it is a requirement for entry to the Port of Townsville that all visitors are to have completed a Port of Townsville Safety Induction. Complete the online safety induction here:

Online Safety Induction

How do I apply?

You must have approval from an Authorised Company Representative located within the Port area to apply.

The cost for an Access Card can be found in our Port Charges. Payment options include payment in person, over the phone, direct debit or invoicing for company accounts. Contactless payment is encouraged during COVID19.


Where do I collect my Access Card?

The Port’s Administration office is open between the hours of 8:30 am – 1:30 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Applicants are requested to attend the Administration office during the above hours if paying the card fee in person and/or collecting their access card.



Please ensure you have completed the Online Port Induction and the necessary application forms before visiting our Reception Area.

Once you have completed the relevant applications, contact our team on (07) 4781 1500 or to arrange a time to collect your access/MSIC cards.

You will not be able to collect your access cards without a prior appointment.



If you have any inquiries regarding the revised arrangements for Port Access Card applications, please do not hesitate to contact:

p     (07)  4781 1500