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Leasing Opportunities

Page last updated on 07-10-2022.

Leasing Opportunities

The Port of Townsville oversees the development and ongoing management of a diverse range of land uses at the Port including industrial, transport operations, marine infrastructure, retail/commercial and environmental buffers.

A variety of opportunities exist within the Port for both new and existing customers.

The Port of Townsville is here to assist potential and existing customers build their business at the Ports of Townsville and Lucinda.

If you have an interest in leasing Port land please follow the links below or contact our Property Services Unit.

Long Term Leasing

For a term of 3 years or greater

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Short Term Leasing

For a term of 3 years or less

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Lay Down Areas

For a term of 1 year or less

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Additional Leasing Information:


The Port requires that the following insurances are held by the lessee prior to a lease term commencing.

  • Public Risk Insurance
  • Workers Compensation
  • Lessee’s Improvements – Full replacement value
Land Owners Consent:

The Port of Townsville has a statutory planning function under the Planning Act 2016 which requires that all lessees of Port land must seek the Land Owner’s Consent when undertaking any works on or to the leased site.



The Property Services Unit at the Port of Townsville will conduct the following inspections.

  • Entry Inspection – prior to the handover of the site
  • Routine Inspection – conducted annually
  • Exit inspection – prior to the hand back of the site


For property enquiries, please contact:

Property Services Lead
p     (07) 4781 1652