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Port Access

Page last updated on 12-07-2022.

Port Access

Please note that all Port Users that require access to the Port of Townsville are required to have an access card and undertake the Port’s Online Induction. 

A Port User is someone who attends the port to perform work which could include truck drivers, delivery services or contractors.  Typically, if a person is required to attend the port more than once every 3 weeks (i.e. not a one off delivery) then they should have an access card and undertake the Port’s online induction.

The port will be ensuring that visitors without access cards are advised when requesting entry and will provide a 3-month grace period from 01 July 2022.  Following this grace period persons without an access card may have their entry refused.



Please ensure you have completed the Online Port Induction and the necessary application forms before visiting our Reception Area.

Once you have completed the relevant applications, contact our team on (07) 4781 1500 or to arrange a time to collect your access/MSIC cards.

You will not be able to collect your access cards without a prior appointment.