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Maritime Security Levels

Page last updated on 18-08-2021.

Maritime Security Levels

  • Level 1- The default level at which ships, ports and offshore facilities normally operate.
  • Level 2- Applies while there is a heightened risk of a security incident.
  • Level 3- Applies when there is a probable or imminent risk of a security incident, even though it may be not possible to identify the specific target.

At MARSEC Level 1 The Port Authority has established a land-side and water-side restricted zone.  The interface between the Port berths and its waters has been completely secured with fencing and is only accessible to authorised personnel with an access swipe card facility through the security gatehouse located on Benwell Road.

Personnel with an operational need to access the secured zone must have a current MSIC (Maritime Security Identification Card) and complete an Induction.  Unauthorised access to restricted zones is an offence under MTOFSA and severe penalties apply.