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Liquid Bulk

Page last updated on 28-06-2021.

Liquid Bulk

Port of Townsville facilitates trade in a large variety of liquid bulk commodities, including petroleum products sulphuric acid, caustic soda, tallow and molasses, together accounting for around 15% of total trade throughput.

Diesel is a significant energy source for both the agricultural and mining industry and Port of Townsville is ideally situated as a fuel hub for both the North West Minerals Province and Northern Galilee Basin as well as the upper and lower Burdekin, coastal and tablelands farming districts.  Petroleum based  imports are predominantly diesel but also include petrol, aviation gas and bitumen. 

Molasses exports are highly dependent on seasonal factors and in times of drought are redirected to domestic markets rather than overseas.  The remaining significant liquid bulk product, sulphuric acid, can be imported or exported through the Port depending on the commercial requirements of smelter and refinery production.