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Right to Information

Page last updated on 16-10-2023.

Right to Information

The RTI Act promotes the right to information held by Government agencies, including Government Owned Corporations such as Port of Townsville Limited, and provides people with a right of access to information in the agency's possession or under the agency's control unless, on the balance, it is contrary to the public interest to provide the information.

The RTI Act also requires Government agencies to publish a publication scheme on their websites which includes a disclosure log of documents that have been released in response to Right to Information applications.  

Applications requesting access to non-personal information or a combination of personal and non-personal information can be made under the RTI Act.

The IP Act also provides for applications for access to documents of an agency but only to the extent the documents contain the applicants' personal information. The IP Act also provides for applications to amend documents to the extent the documents contain the applicants' personal information.

Documents to which the RTI Act does not apply in respect to Government Owned Corporations include documents received or brought into existence by a Government Owned Corporation in the course of its commercial activities prior to 1 July 2009.

It is recommended that prior to making an RTI application that you check whether the document is already publicly available, online or for purchase or upon request, from the Port of Townsville.

How do I make a RTI or IP Application?

A person who wishes to be given access to a document held by the Port of Townsville must apply to the Port of Townsville using the following forms:

Right to Information and Information Privacy Access Application (June 2013)

Application forms must:

  • be accompanied by the application fee;
  • give sufficient information concerning the document to enable the identification of the document;
  • state the applicants' address;
  • state whether access to the document is sought for the benefit of, or use of the document by, the applicant or another entity; and
  • if access to the document is sought for the benefit of, or use of the document by, an entity other than the applicant - the name of the other entity.

Applicants requesting access to personal information must also provide with the application or within 10 days of application having been made:

  • evidence of identity of the applicant;
  • if an agent is acting for the applicant – evidence of the agent's authorisation and evidence of identity of the agent.

Evidence that can be submitted to verify identity may include certified copies of the applicants'/agent's passport, birth certificate, driver's licence or a statutory declaration from an individual that has known the person for at least one (1) year.

How much will it cost?

RTI Schedule of Fees

Process an Application

Application Form


How do I get more Information?

For more information on Release of Information or Information Privacy, contact:

Company Secretary 
Port of Townsville Limited
PO Box 1031
Townsville Qld 4810

Telephone: (07) 4781 1500
Fax: (07) 4724 0085