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Frequently Asked Questions

Page last updated on 07-10-2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ‘Dry Hire’ mean?
‘Dry Hire’ means that the venue is provided without any features such as catering facilities, furniture, audio visual equipment etc. This is a great option for organisers who want a breathtaking location while controlling every aspect of their event.

Am I required to take out insurance for my event?
The Hiree, either yourself or the Event Management company, MUST hold a current Public Liability Insurance policy of at least $20 million. You will need to provide a copy of this documentation to the Quayside Terminal Event Coordinator no later than 30 days prior to any event.

Do I need a COVID-Safe Plan?
Yes. Before enquiring about the hire of Quayside, please consult the Queensland Government advice at:

Can I look inside Quayside Terminal to see if it suits my event requirements?
We highly recommend arranging a walkthrough of the venue before booking your event to ensure it is appropriate for your intended use. Please contact us to arrange a suitable time.

How do I book the Quayside Terminal for my event?
Once you have decided on your event and date, complete a copy of the Booking Enquiry form on our website. Upon receipt of your enquiry, the Quayside Terminal Event Coordinator will be in touch to confirm availability and answer any questions you may have.  When you are ready to confirm your booking, you will be sent a Hire Agreement, which must be initialled and signed. Bookings cannot be confirmed more than 12 months in advance due to Cruise Ship bookings, but we can take note of your tentative date.

When do I need to pay the Hire Fee?
To fully secure your booking we require a 50% deposit. You will be issued with a Deposit and Final invoices at the time of booking. All accounts must be settled 14 days prior to your event.

When do we collect and return the venue keys?
A Key Handover and Handback will be arranged at a time to suit both the Hiree and Quayside Terminal Event Coordinator. Generally, this is the day before the event and the day after the event, or on a Monday if the event is over the weekend. If you require extra days to bump in and bump out an additional fee may apply. When the key is handed back, an inspection of the venue will be carried out to ensure there are no damages, items left behind or excessive cleaning to be done.

Can we photograph or film in the venue?
Yes you can. Photography of private events such as weddings and functions inside the Quayside Terminal boundaries are permitted and we would love you to share some of your event photos with us. For photography that is to be used for the purpose of commercial gain, permission must be sought in writing from the Quayside Terminal Event Coordinator. All photography of the Port of Townsville operations (behind Quayside Terminal) is prohibited. Subject to the Hiree's consent, we reserve the right to take photographs of any event at Quayside Terminal for purposes of marketing and promotion of the venue.

What facilities are available at Quayside Terminal?
The Main Terminal is fitted with a climate control system and fans for ventilation and lighting can be dimmed to suit the event. Food must be cooked off premises but there is a small kitchenette area inside that can be used for food preparation. There are numerous one and three phase power supplies throughout the Main Terminal and Breezeway. Taps are available for catering purposes.

Can you leave valuable items on site?
You may leave items at Quayside Terminal during the period of hire, however the Hiree is responsible for the safe keeping of all valuables associated with the event and the Port of Townsville will not be held liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Hiree.

Do you have preferred suppliers?
Yes, we can provide a list of preferred suppliers who are familiar with the venue. However, you are also welcome to source your own suppliers. Should you choose suppliers that are not on our preferred suppliers list, you will need to supply a copy of their Public Liability Insurance and other permits associated with the event 30 days prior to the event date.

Can we decorate the venue?
Yes, we want you to be as creative as possible and make your event one of a kind. However, all themes and dressings of the venue must be reversable and no permanent markings are allowed. Confetti, glitter and rice is not permitted and will incur a cleaning charge. We encourage all decorations to be eco-friendly and they must be removed at the end of the event. If the decorations are being discarded in the bulk bins located at the back of the venue, the lid must be able to still close for environmental and safety reasons.

Can I use signage for my event?
Yes, but you will need to get permission from the Quayside Terminal Event Coordinator well in advance of your event date and prior to installation. All signage must be removed by the Hiree at the end of the event.

Can we use candles, fire or special effects?
Naked flames including candles, smoke machines, special balloon effects and pyrotechnics are prohibited at, in, or around the venue, unless specific permission is obtained in writing from the Quayside Terminal Event Coordinator.

Where can guests park?
The main car park is located off Ross Street, about 400 metres from Quayside Terminal, across from Magnetic Island Ferries. Shuttle buses can be utilised, or guests can walk down to the venue. NO parking is permitted on Lennon Drive and guests must comply with all signage. There is a small number of car parks available at the front of venue that can be used for VIP and disabled parking. All vehicles must be removed within 24 hours following the event. If the gates are locked to the main car park, there is a sign with a phone number guests can call for it to be unlocked.

What is the closing time of the venue?
Guests need to vacate the venue by midnight, however service providers can continue work to pack up the event until a mutually negotiated time.

Do I need to clean up the venue?
You will need to make sure the venue is in the same condition as before the event commenced and remove everything that was brought in, including placing all rubbish in the bulk bins located at the back of the venue. The hire price includes general and normal cleaning before and after your event but additional charges may occur if your event has created excessive cleaning requirements.

What happens if something gets damaged?
Please report any damage that occurs immediately to the contacts provided to you at the time of hiring the venue. The Hiree is financially liable for any damages sustained.

Will there be cruise ships using Quayside Terminal during my event?
No, Quayside Terminal is only available for hire when cruise ships and Defence are not using the venue.

Is there are smoking area?
Quayside Terminal is a non-smoking environment, but an outdoor area as nominated by the Quayside Terminal Event Coordinator may be made accessible to smokers. It is the Hiree’s responsibility to place signage and receptacles and to properly clean the area including removal of all butts and emptying the receptacles at the end of the event.

Will my event require security staff to be present?
You are responsible for ensuring the appropriate number of licensed security personal are on hand to maintain good order and security at your event. Refer to our list of Preferred Providers for approved security firms. You will need to provide a copy of any event security documentation to the Quayside Terminal Event Coordinator. You must also make sure the event doesn’t cause nuisance and that noise levels are maintained within the levels prescribed by all relevant laws and regulations.

What other licences and permits do I need?
The Hiree MUST ensure they have all the appropriate and lawful approvals, licences or permits required under any local, State or Commonwealth law or regulation including but not limited to licenses required under the Liquor Act. If alcohol is being provided, the staff serving it must have their RSA. Alcohol consumption is allowed over the entire site but not past the yellow bollards near the Bus and Taxi area.

Are there any other hire conditions?
If you are organising an event that will create lots of traffic in the area, you must implement a traffic management plan to ensure there are no disruptions to the Port of Townsville’s day to day operations. You are required to protect the safety of anyone who is involved with your event and adhere to all relevant requirements of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

What happens if there is an emergency?
In the event of an emergency please call 000 and refer to the Quayside Terminal Fire and Evacuation Procedure.

What happens if I need to cancel an existing booking?
Please let us know as soon as possible if you have to cancel your event. All cancellations are required to be advised in writing. The following penalties apply should the Hiree cancel the event:
-  Over 60 days prior to the event, any deposit paid would be refunded
-  Between 60 days and 31 days prior to the event, a charge of 50% of the quoted hire fee will be applied
-  Less than 30 days prior to the event, in addition to the deposit paid, a charge of 100% of the quoted hire fee will be applied.