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PFAS at the Port

Page last updated on 25-10-2022.

PFAS at the Port

In April 2018, results from preliminary testing of groundwater detected elevated levels of Per-and Poly-fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) around the Port of Townsville.  This testing was undertaken as part of a voluntary monitoring program by Port of Townsville Limited (Port).

Following the detection results in April, the Port commenced a preliminary investigation with the assistance of GHD and Queensland Government Departments to understand the nature and extent of PFAS both within the port and beyond the port boundary. 

The Preliminary Investigation Report can be downloaded below.

Preliminary Investigation Summary

Since the Preliminary Investigation, the Port has undertaken extensive PFAS testing and reengaged GHD to complete a Targeted Site Investigation (TSI).  The TSI involved field investigations, including drilling an additional 14 groundwater monitoring wells and collecting additional samples around the Environmental Park and receiving environments.  A summary of the Targeted Site Investigation in 2020 can also be downloaded below.

Targeted Site Investigation 2020

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