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Emergency Procedures

Page last updated on 24-08-2021.

Emergency Procedures

Port of Townsville Limited is committed to providing safe operations. The safety of our employees, customers, port neighbours, and visitors to our facilities is of paramount importance to us.

Maintaining a safe working environment is, however, the responsibility of all, and port users, customers, and contractors are accountable for identifying, preventing, controlling, and managing emergencies that could occur within their area of activity.

Port users must also contact Marine Services Duty Officer on (07) 4781 1684 with key contact changes within their organisation as they occur or update their details here.

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Emergency Response Procedure

Step Action Performed By
1 Notify Port Control (07 4781 1683) and Emergency Services (000) of the nature of the emergency or potential threat to life and/or assets.   Persons at the emergency or if the emergency is out of the Port environs, the responsible Emergency Services
2 Determine (in consultation) the need for total evacuation of the port. Port Control, persons at the emergency and / or Emergency Services
3 Issue the order for evacuation. Commence log. Activate system. Relay order to evacuate by fax stream or other available method to all proprietary sites.  Post traffic coordinators to Benwell Road and Lennon Drive until relieved by Emergency Services. Port Control
4 Comply with directions of the Regional Harbour Master Townsville. Ships' Masters
5 Assist ships' Masters of vessels being worked in evacuation of crews e.g.; implement your local pickup plan. Wharf Operators and ships Agents
6 Respond as organisation entities where possible. Take up local evacuation procedures. Move by shortest/quickest routes (GREEN and YELLOW on Evacuation Plan) to assembly areas outside the port or as directed by Police. Notify traffic coordinators on routes GREEN and YELLOW when 'last person through'. Proprietary Sites
7 Port users on the emergency contact list will be advised via SMS / email or phone on return to site instructions. Listen out on local radio and television stations or call the Port of Townsville (4781 1500) for advice on when the port can be re-occupied for resumption of business. All



Emergency Contacts

  • Duty Officer - (07) 4781 1684
  • Bio Security - 13 25 23
  • Border Force - (07) 4722 3700
  • Coast Guard - (07) 4771 4831
  • Ergon Energy - 13 16 70
  • Home Affairs - 13 18 81
  • MSQ / VTS - (07) 4421 8100
  • Queensland Ambulance Service - 13 12 33
  • Queensland Police Service - 13 14 44
  • Townsville City Council - 13 48 10
  • Tsv Local Disaster Management Group - 13 48 10
  • Tsv State Emergency Services (SES) - 13 25 00