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Mission to Seafarers

Page last updated on 21-09-2021.

Mission to Seafarers

The Mission to Seafarers plays a crucial role in ensuring the welfare of seafarers who are often at sea for extended periods taking vital products around the world.  It is an international mission of the Anglican Church that cares for the practical and spiritual welfare of seafarers of all nationalities and faiths.  

The Mission is situated at Berth 9 and is staffed by volunteers.

The Purpose of Mission

The Mission offers fellowship and a warm welcome in centres where seafarers can relax away from their ships, meet local people and contact their homes, from ports around the world. The Mission provides and promotes:

  • Meet crew on newly arrived ships
  • Offer support to seafarers
  • Assist seafarers in situations of injustice and hardship
  • Help crews in emergencies such as accident or injury
  • Visit seafarers in hospital or prison
  • Share the Christian faith in word and sacrament
  • Supporting Christian living in isolation
  • Using our world-wide network to provide support in crisis to seafarers and their families 


The Mission volunteers will make your visit as enjoyable as possible while in Townsville.

Canteen & Internet Cafe

Fully serviced canteen and internet cafe operates 7 days a week.  All money spent in Mission Canteen is reinvested into the facility.  Benefiting future crews that return to Townsville or upon their maiden voyage.  The canteen offers seafarers:

  • Internet Cafe - computers and wi-fi provided
  • Telephones / fax or pre-paid cards
  • Postal service
  • Cable TV - sports and movies
  • Currency Exchange
  • Basic food items (soft drinks, confectionery, ice-cream)
  • Toiletries
  • Beer / Spirits / Wine
  • Souvenirs
  • Games area / table tennis / pool table
  • Library / Magazines
Pastorol Care
Pastorol Care

The Mission offers Pastoral Care services which provides understanding, care and support in times of need. The onsite Chapel is open for private prayer and mass. Local churches provide regular services. Service times for the city churches are listed in the Mission foyer. Christian literature and Bibles are free to crew. Some devotional items may be purchased from the canteen. For other religions, please seek advice from the Mission volunteers onsite.

Mission Van
Mission Van

In 2021, the Port of Townsville gifted the Mission a Kia Carnival van.

The Mission van transports crew members to and from the city whenever possible, dependent on availability of staff. Short tours of the city area can also be organised.

Taxi service operates throughout all the city. Contact Townsville Taxis on 131 008.

Shopping, Restaurants & Nightclubs
Shopping, Restaurants & Nightclubs

Most shops are open to 5pm on weekdays, however supermarkets are open until 9pm on week days and late afternoons on Saturday and Sunday. Flinders Street Markets are on every Sunday from 8.30am - 1.00pm.

Nearby shopping precincts include Flinders Street, Castletown Shopping Centre and Stockland Shopping Centre. Townsville has a number of good eating places and clubs along Palmer Street, Flinders Street and The Strand.



Phone:      07 4772 2774