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Info for Boaties

Page last updated on 04-07-2024.

Info for Boaties

Coast Guard Car Park, Sir Leslie Thiess Drive

Resurfacing and line-marking works have recently been undertaken at the Coast Guard Car Park on Sir Leslie Thiess Drive.

New signage has been installed throughout the car park clearly outlining the parking restrictions. 

The SeaLink end of the car park is clearly delineated as vehicle and trailer combo parking only. 

Single vehicles are permitted to park at the Entertainment Centre end of the car park from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Vehicle and trailer combos are permitted at all times. 

Accessible car parking spaces is available at the SeaLink terminal end of the car park and is clearly marked. Three additional accessible parking spaces have been installed adjacent to the boat ramp at the Entertainment Centre end.

Failure to adhere to the regulated parking zones may result in a fine.

Recreational Vessels and the Port

Cleveland Bay is used by many people for fishing and recreation. The Port of Townsville shares important information so that everyone stays safe on the water.

Recreational vessels use the Ross Creek Channel (shared zone) to enter or leave the Port.  Federal legislation prohibits fishing within 60 metres of a wharf or a vessel in the Port.  Information about prohibited areas in the Port is provided at the Ross Creek boat ramp.

Recreational vessels may transit through the 14.9km shipping channel, but anchoring and fishing is not permitted inside the channel markers.

Please refer to clause 11.16 in our Port Notices.


Tips to Stay Safe

  • Stay at least 60 metres from any berth or vessel berthed in the Port.
  • Never anchor around or under Port berths – they are restricted areas.
  • Never anchor in the shipping channel.
  • Never assume that another vessel can see you. The larger the vessel, the larger its blind spots.
  • Always cross the shipping channel at 90 degrees behind a ship and only when safe to do so.
  • Tune your radio to the Townsville Coast Guard  – VHF 16 and 22.
  • Before heading out, check the latest Notices to Mariners issued by Maritime Safety Queensland at: dataset/townsville-notices-tomariners