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Page last updated on 09-08-2021.


Cyclone season is from 1st November to 30th April each year.  

Conditions Action Performed By
November to April

Adhere to relevant building and or engineering standards applicable to structures on proprietary sites.

Proprietary Site Managers

Inspect and stabilise insecure buildings and other structures including signs and external lighting. Proprietary Site Managers
Maintain an auditable tie-down plan and capability for implementing within twelve hours. Proprietary Site Managers
Maintain a high standard of site hygiene. All
Recover, stabilise or dispose of all materials which have potential to become flying debris in cyclonic winds. Proprietary Site Managers, Ships Masters
Conduct an internal audit of 'tie-down' plans and certify the ability to implement plans to Authorised Officers. Proprietary Site Managers
Maintain storm bollards and moorings to specifications. All
Comply with standing requirements of the Regional Harbour Master Townsville. Ships' Masters
Intensifying risk of cyclone Minimise cargoes at all wharves and hinterland stockpiles within port area. Wharf Operators, Agents and Masters
Ensure dangerous cargo can be moved to a position away from ANY tidal surge or flood prone area. Proprietary Site Managers
Implement tie-down plans, secure building and clear debris. All
Ship's crew to full complement and prepare to put to sea. Ships' Masters/ RHM
Tug and line crews muster. PB Towage and NSS
Non-essential people leave the Port area if applicable and prepare for full evacuation of the Port when directed to do so. All
Complete all actions in Annexure B POTL Cyclone Emergency Response Procedure POTL
Prepare to implement your Cyclone Evacuation Plan. All
Cyclone imminent Key Port users within port boundary to notify the Corporations Manager Marine Services of time frame to complete evacuation plans. Proprietary Site Managers
List of all containerised and bagged dangerous goods stored within Port boundaries to the Corporations Manager Marine Services. Proprietary Site Managers
Confirm status of fire alarm panels with the Corporations Manager Marine Services. Proprietary Site Managers
Evacuate Complete site evacuation plan ensuring all loose objects and equipment is secure and sites cleared to a high standard. Proprietary Site Managers
Notify POTL Manager Marine Services when evacuation is completed. Proprietary Site Managers
Port closed for shipping Ships put to sea when directed. Note: Could occur at any time during GREEN or YELLOW Conditions. Ships' Masters, Pilots, Tug Crews and Linesmen
Port Closed Port is closed. Port Control message will be updated as circumstance change.