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Port of Lucinda - Land Use Plan

Port of Lucinda - Land Use Plan

The Port has commenced the preparation of a new Land Use Plan for the Port of Lucinda.

As part of this process, the Port has developed a Statement of Proposal document as the initial step in this process. The Statement of Proposal is primarily a consultation tool that provides the opportunity for the community to gain a clear understanding of the major issues and challenges within and surrounding the Port area. The public notification of the Statement of Proposal allows individuals, organisations and companies to make a meaningful contribution towards determining how the Land Use Plan will respond to those issues and challenges.

The Statement of Proposal public consultation period was from 20 January 2021 to 18 March 2021 and has now closed. 

All submissions made in response to the Statement of Proposal received during the consultation period will be considered by the Port before commencing preparation of the draft Land Use Plan. Once the draft Land Use Plan has been prepared this will be publicly advertised and further consultation undertaken.