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Tenders & Procurement

Page last updated on 02-11-2022.

Tenders & Procurement


The Port of Townsville invests in the economy via the acquisition of goods, services and capital works. For suppliers, this means there are opportunities to do business with us.

The Port recognises the importance of local business and will access goods and services from local and regional suppliers where possible. 

For significant procurement engagements the Port will advertise opportunities on the Queensland Government's QTenders website.

QTenders website     Qld Procurement Policy     POTL Indigenous Procurement Policy 


Wherever possible the port will access goods and services from local suppliers in the first instance, where local suppliers have the necessary skills and experience.

Local suppliers are encouraged to submit information to the Port demonstrating their capability, skills and experience via email.  As a minimum potential suppliers to the Port will need to supply a Capability Statement and evidence of their insurance cover.


Suppliers of goods and services to the Port must view the Port of Townsville Limited Standard Terms and Conditions of Contract for Purchase of Goods or Services (Terms and Conditions) document to ensure compliance with the Port’s payment procedures and terms, delivery, insurance, workplace health and safety and pricing requirements.

Purchase Order Terms & Conditions        Ethical Supplier Threshold