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Reporting a Safety Incident

Page last updated on 09-08-2021.

Reporting a Safety Incident

Reporting an Event


 If you find yourself in an emergency which is either life threatening or may require emergency services, please immediately ring 000.  If it is then safe to do so, please inform Port’s Duty Officer on 4781 1684.


An incident, act or omission within the Port of Townsville including Port Facilities, areas leased and licensed or otherwise occupied, which have potential to impact adversely on the Port and its safe operation must be reported without delay to the Port of Townsville regardless of the time of day or night. As advised per the Port Notices, examples of these events include:

  • Fire or explosions
  • Escape of toxic vapour or gases
  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Serious injuries
  • Electrocution 
  • Occupational zoonoses e.g. Q Fever, Hendra Virus
  • Observation of dangerous operating or events
  • Any security related event i.e. trespassing, suspicious activity

To report a safety incident at either the Port of Townsville or the Port of Lucinda, please complete the form below:

Safety Incident Report Form