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Technical Advisory and Consultative Committee (TACC)

Page last updated on 06-03-2023.

Technical Advisory and Consultative Committee (TACC)

Technical Advisory and Consultative Committees (TACCs) are an important consultative mechanism for maintenance dredging and dredge material placement activities.  A TACC is intended to assist ports, other proponents and the Determining Authority to access local knowledge and reconcile various stakeholder interests (NAGD 2009).


The TACC members are expected to be drawn from relevant Commonwealth, State and Local Government organisations, community groups, research institutes, and other relevant stakeholders whose activities may be influenced by maintenance dredging or placement activities.  Preferably, members will also have an ability to provide technical input, oversight, or local expertise in identifying or addressing local environmental aspects relating to maintenance dredging and dredge material placement activities within Cleveland Bay.

Members may represent a relevant stakeholder group, may be independent, or represent an organisation for which they coordinate feedback.


The TACC will meet annually, and nominally within the first or second quarter of each year.  Depending on the circumstances, additional (out-of-session) meetings may be held outside the nominal time.  Attendance at meetings will be via MS TEAMS in a video conferencing format.

Terms of Reference

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