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Doing Business

Page last updated on 24-08-2023.

Doing Business

We have extensive port and supply chain infrastructure at our Ports , offering you a competitive, efficient and reliable gateway for your exports and imports.

There are several ways to do business at the Ports of Townsville and Lucinda - whether you are looking at importing/exporting, locating your business at one of our Ports, or you are a vendor looking to work on a Port project.

The information on this page is a good guide to some of the opportunities available at our Ports, resources for tenants and contact information for getting started.

Potential Projects and Import/Export Opportunities

The Port welcomes the opportunity to discuss trade projects, large or small, that contribute to the prosperity of our region. 

To ensure your project or product fits within the Port’s capabilities and strategic growth objectives, please take the time to read How to do business with Port, a document which pulls together information you may need to be familiar with in terms of commodities, land use, planning and development, logistics as well as community and environmental commitments.

How to do business with Port

To facilitate initial discussions in regard to your proposed project, please complete the following on-line form.  Should you require assistance, please contact the Business Development Lead by either email ( or call 47 811 500.

New Project Overview Submission Form

Please provide: