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Construction powers ahead on historic port upgrade

Page last updated on 14-07-2021.

Construction powers ahead on historic port upgrade

26th June 2020

The $193 million Port of Townsville Channel Upgrade Project  has undergone  a project milestone, with the delivery of more than half of the total rock required to build a protective sea wall.

Over 375,000 tonnes of rock has now been supplied to the Port of Townsville to build the 2.2-kilometre sea wall that will eventually reclaim an additional 62 hectares of land for port operations.

More than 70 port staff, rock supply and construction employees are involved in building the rock wall, and more than 10,000 project hours have been completed so far.

Part of the City Deal, the sea wall is the critical first phase of a project that will eventually widen the approach channel to the port, allowing ships of up to 300 metres in length to visit Townsville.

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