Long Term Maintenance Dredging

Management Plan

Port of Townsville Limited is responsible for the management of two World Heritage Ports, the Port of Townsville and the Port of Lucinda. Both ports operated under significant environmental controls under a broad range of legislative processes to ensure port operations are managed to a high level and appropriately given their location in highly sensitive areas.

A long-term maintenance dredging management plan has been drafted in accordance with both the state and federal frameworks and outlines the ports management approach and framework for continual improvement in environmental performance for maintenance dredging.

This document:

  • Recognises the Outstanding Universal Value of the Great Barrier Reef
  • Incorporates the best available science
  • Incorporates the principles of ecologically sustainable development and,
  • Aims to implement best practice efficient operation of both ports.

This plan has also considered and incorporated the Port’s Australia code of practice and takes into consideration a range of research and monitoring undertaken by Queensland Ports Association under Reef 2050.

Both Townsville and Lucinda ports have been captured within this document as it is a requirement that all world heritage ports are to have a Long-Term Maintenance Dredge Management Plan (LTMDMP). However it is important to note that no maintenance dredging is undertaken at the port of Lucinda nor is this expected to change.

This document will be used as a supporting document for future dredging and placement applications to the relevant State or Federal regulators.

Download     Full Long Term Maintenance Dredging Management Plan (PDF)

The Gap Analysis Actions

The public review and submissions period raised a number of gaps and suggested improvements to the LTMDMP.  The table below lists the major gaps identified, along with the timeframes in which they can be reasonably achieved to be added to the LTMDMP.

DOWNLOAD    Gap Analysis Action List

Water Quality Action 17

Port of Townsville Limited has worked with Queensland Ports Association (QPA) on a study to address in the Water Quality Action 17 in the Reef 2050 Long Term Sustainability Plan.

To support this work, BMT WBM has prepared a quantitative sediment budget of the entire Great Barrier Reef (GBR) and regions surrounding GBR ports.  This work was scoped in 2017 with input from research agencies and has been reviewed by Environment Managers from each port authority, QPA and technical specialists engaged by QPA.  In addition, it has also been the subject of independent peer review by Dr Andy Symonds from Port and Coastal Solutions Pty Ltd.

The Executive Summary

The Quantitative Sediment Budget technical report 

Dr Andy Symonds peer review 


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