Berth 4 Crane and Cargo Terminal


Following an upgrade to the Berth 4 wharf in 2016/17 the Port of Townsville constructed a strategic onsite cargo terminal to create additional storage capacity for nearly 1,600 containers.

The 1.6 hectare terminal features a quarantine-approved container wash bay, level road and rail crossing to allow direct access from the Berth 4 to the cargo terminal site, and a new ship-to-shore crane which arrived in November 2020 and is currently being assembled.

During the cargo terminal’s construction, lead contractor Formset Construction engaged Adbri Masonry to custom-make 2,500 high-density pavers capable of withstanding the weight of stacked containers and heavy machinery. The decision to turn to local manufacturers eliminated high freight costs, created supply-chain and service efficiencies and created flow-on economic impact for local suppliers of sand and metal.

Once the new ship-to-shore crane is commissioned in mid-2021, the Port of Townsville’s Berth 4 will be capable of handling approximately 35,000 containers per year.

The project included:

  • Construction of pavement for heavy duty cargo handling including car parking over a site of approximately 1.8 hectares
  • Construction of a quarantine-approved container wash bay
  • Installation of power, lighting, security fencing, terminal gates, amenities and utility services
  • Level road and rail crossing to allow direct access to Berth 4 from the cargo terminal site; and
  • Supply and installation of a Leibherr ship-to-shore crane due to be operational in the first quarter of 2021.