Frequently Asked Questions

What does ‘Dry Hire’ mean?
‘Dry Hire’ means that the venue is provided without features such as catering facilities, audio visual equipment etc. This is a great option for organisers who want a fabulous location while controlling every aspect of their event.

Can we decorate the venue?
Yes, however all themes and dressing of the venue for any event must be reversible.  No permanent markings are allowed.

What is the closing time of the venue?
Guests need to vacate the venue by midnight, however service providers can continue work to packup the event until a mutually negotiated time.

Where can guests park?
Parking is provided on Lennon Drive (400 metres from Quayside Terminal) and guests can walk or be shuttle bussed down to venue.
Disabled parking is available in the bus parks at the front of Quayside Terminal. Download a Quayside Terminal Car Park Location Guide.

Will any cruise ships using Quayside Terminal during my event?
No, Quayside Terminal is only available for hire when cruise ships and Defence are not using the venue.

Can I use signage?
Yes, however  permission is required from the Quayside Terminal Event Coordinator prior to installation and well in advance of your event start date.
All signage must be removed by the hirer at the end of the event.

Will my event require security staff to be present?
The Hirer should provide at least two (2) security officers capable of maintaining good order and security at the function.
Refer to our list of preferred Service Providers for contacts of approved security firms.

Am I required to take out insurance for my event?
The Hirer must hold a current public liability insurance policy of at least $20 million.
Evidence of insurance must be provided to the Quayside Terminal Event Coordinator prior to any function/event.

Can you leave valuable items on site?
The Hirer is responsible for the safe keeping of all valuables associated with the event and POTL will not be held liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Hirer.

Can we photograph or film in the venue?
Photography of private events such as weddings etc, inside the Quayside Terminal boundaries is permitted.
For photography that is to be used for the purpose of commercial gain – permission must be sought in writing from the Event Coordinator at Quayside Terminal.
All photography of the Port of Townsville’s operation (behind Quayside Terminal) is prohibited.
The Event Coordinator of Quayside Terminal reserves the right to take photographs of any event at Quayside Terminal for purposes of marketing and promotion of the venue – subject to hirer consent.

Can we use candles, fire or special effects?
Naked flames including candles, smoke machines, special balloon effects and pyrotechnics are prohibited at, in, or around the venue, unless specific permission is obtained in writing from the Quayside Terminal Event Coordinator.

Can I cancel an existing booking?
The following penalties apply should the Hirer cancel the event:

  • Over 60 days before the event any deposit paid would be forfeited
  • Between 60 days and 31 days prior to the event, a charge of 50% of the quoted hire fee will be applied
  • Less than 30 days prior to the event, in addition to the deposit paid, a charge of 100% of the quoted hire fee will be applied.